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Confidence comes from within

Corporate Passenger Vehicles Commercial Vehicles Distributor Workshop OEM Approvals

OEM Approvals

Original Equipment Manufacturer Approvals

OEM approvals allow independent workshop professionals to fit with peace of mind that products meet manufacturers’ recommendations, standards and requirements.

Manufacturer approved products aren’t new for Comma, we were the first aftermarket business to launch OE approved antifreeze/coolant over 15 years ago. We have started adding OEM approvals to our engine oil products, more recently we’ve vastly extended the number approvals on our Performance Motor Oil range.

All of our OEM approvals on passenger and commercial vehicle engine oils and Xstream antifreeze & coolant can be downloaded from below.

Comma TransFlow SD 15W-40 (CES 20076)
Comma TransFlow SD 15W-40 (CES 20077)
Comma TransFlow SD 15W-40 (CES 20078)

Comma Xtech 5W-30 (Ford WSS-M2C913-D)

Comma TransFlow UD 10W-40

TransFlow AD 10W-40 (MB approval 228.3)
TransFlow SD 15W-40 (MB approval 228.3)
TransFlow UD 10W-40 (MB approval 228.51)
Comma Syner-G 5W-40 (MB approval 229.1)
Comma Syner-G 5W-40 (MB approval 229.3)
TransFlow AD 10W-40 (MB approval 228.3)

Comma Ecoren 5W-30

Comma Eurolite 10W-40 (VW standard 502 00 & 505 00)
Comma Profile 5W-30 (VW standard 504 00 & 507 00)
Comma Synger-G 5W-40 (VW standard 502 00 & 505 00)

Comma TransFlow AD 10W-40 (STD 417-0002 approval)
Comma Eco-V 0W-20

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