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Confidence comes from within

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StickerSmart 2017 - Workshop release


From January 3rd 2017 to the end of August, Comma PPP members can once again accumulate valuable Comma Rewards points towards an attractive selection of 'StickerSmart' premium gifts, including products such as a portable DAB radio, microwave oven, coffee machine and iPad Mini4, all the way up to a 42" HD TV.

In addition to the information stickers attached to all 5L and 20L Comma Performance Motor Oil (PMO) packs, voucher codes from the top of 60L and 199L PMO barrels can now also be added to PPP members' 'StickerSmart' wall chart or instantly added to their 'Redeem a Voucher Code' section at

'StickerSmart' is exclusive to Comma PPP members, and it couldn't be easier for them to register for the promotion. Members can simply log on using their unique username and password at and start earning Comma Rewards points straight away. (There is a single sticker on 5L packs and four stickers on 20L packs. PMO 60L and 199L barrels are valued at 20,000 points, and each 'Sticker Smart' wall chart has 100 sticker spaces.) PMO 60L and 199L barrels are valued at 20,000 points, and each 'Sticker Smart' wall chart has 100 sticker spaces.) When all the spaces on the chart are filled, return it to Comma using the pre-paid envelope provided and order a new 'StickerSmart' chart at Comma Rewards points are recorded and updated within 14 days of Comma receiving completed 'Sticker Smart' wall charts, and the points can then either be rolled over or redeemed at any time for 'StickerSmart' gifts by visiting the 'Redeem my Points' section at

Throughout the eight month promotion, there is no limit to the number of 'StickerSmart' points you can accumulate and 'Sticker Smart' gifts you can claim.

If you are not already a member, it's free to join the Comma Professional Partner Programme, take part in this exclusive member promotion and enjoy all the other benefits of PPP membership, including enhanced application and MOT status check for each vehicle via VRN lookup. Visit to sign up today and request your first 'StickerSmart' wall chart.

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