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Confidence comes from within

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Comma announces two new VW-group specific Performance Motor Oils


The quest for greater fuel efficiency combined with reduced exhaust emissions continues without pause.
Engine lubricants play a significant role in helping modern vehicles to achieve the EU emission standard regulations - currently EURO 6, which make important contributions both to fuel saving and emissions reduction.

The fully synthetic formulation of new Comma Eco-VG 0W-30 meets the VW 504 00, VW 507 00, Porsche C30 and ACEA C3 requirements, but there are two major differences in the properties of the oil compared to 5W-30 Prolife meeting the same VW 504 00, VW 507 00 specifications. The first, and most obvious, is viscosity. The lower viscosity of Comma Eco-VG flows more readily at low temperatures, and circulates faster around the engine for quicker protection of moving parts. Test results show decreased wear on the camshaft compared to a 5W-30 oil blended using the same additive. Secondly, Eco-VG provides superior protection for CATs and DPFs compared to the 5W-30 VW 504 00/ 507 00 specification, as it contains at least 10% less sulphur and exceeds the fuel efficiency requirements by 25%. Further benefits include exceptional piston cleaning to reduce blow-by gases passing the piston ring pack and degrading the oil, and superior performance in the M271 sludge test regarding engine cleanliness, with Eco-VG 0W-30 achieving an outstanding 9.4 as against the minimum requirement for ACEA C3 specification of 8.7.

New Comma Pro-VLL 0W-30 is a very specific, fully synthetic engine oil suitable only for Volkswagen group vehicles requiring the VW 506 01, 506 00 and 503 00 specifications. It has been specially developed for vehicles with Pumpedüse engines running on LongLife service regimes, predominantly VW Touareg and LCVs such as VW Transporters etc.

The outstanding benefits of this oil are that it maximises the oil change intervals according to the manufacturer's recommendations, while the low viscosity helps to reduce friction and actively contributes to enhanced fuel economy combined with a reduction in carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions.

These latest introductions once more emphasise the need for technicians to select precisely the right engine-specific oil for every application; and the safest way to do that is to use an up- to-date and trustworthy application tool such as

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