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Oil quality and quantity critical to maximise UniAir engine performance, says Comma


The benefits of UniAir's fully variable electro-hydraulic valve control system could prove elusive if workshops fail to lubricate the system with quality oil of suitable viscosity, according to new advice from Comma.

The UnirAir system delivers reduced fuel consumption (25%) and increased torque of up to 15% in lower speed ranges compared to other systems, but the internal environment must be carefully controlled for it to function correctly.
To work efficiently the system must be validated on seven percent aeration, a maximum fuel contamination of 10% and maximum water content of 0.1%, all of which are factors dependent on correct lubrication.

The UniAir valve control system ensures diesel and petrol engines operate at optimum efficiency whilst reducing fuel consumption and is now a common sight in UK workshops. Over one million FCA Group and Jaguar XE and XF vehicles are fitted with the system, highlighting the swathes of drivers relying on workshop knowledge to ensure their UniAir engine performance is maintained.

Alongside sufficient lubrication levels, the UniAir system is highly dependent on the correct oil viscosity grade to work efficiently. In addition, Comma says that engine oil change frequency is critical to protect the durability and performance of the system. Oil level checks and top ups should be made when stipulated.

To ensure the UniAir system is fully protected, increase customer satisfaction and enhance customer loyalty and future revenue streams, Comma recommends garages use a quality lubricant from its 'Performance Motor Oil' range.

The 'Comma Oil Finder' app makes it easier than ever for workshops to match the correct oil from their Comma Performance Motor Oil range to each vehicle. By simply taking a photograph of the vehicle licence plate, the recommended oils will be displayed instantly.

The app also gives access to enhanced information about a vehicle's MOT and road tax status.
For further information, contact your local Territory Sales Manager, or call Comma Customer Services on 01474 564 311.

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